Vegan comfort food to get you through Veganuary: Sweeties

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Part One of our Veganuary comfort foods had you cooking up a storm in the kitchen with a lentil bolognese. Though the recipe involved very little work or commitment, sometimes what you need is a pick-me-up straight out of the bag. In general, eating a plant-based diet does wonderful things for your health and wellbeing, but who says vegans can’t be naughty once in a while? Here are some top picks for sweet treats you can bulk buy for lockdown.

Vego chocolate
Hands down the best vegan chocolate on the market, Vego is a praline-style bar that tastes like solid, cruelty-free Nutella. This is a vegan milk chocolate with hazelnuts, so obviously it’s one to avoid if you suffer from nut allergies. The bar comes in two sizes (65g and 150g) and is pleasingly chunky. There is also a white chocolate version and a dark chocolate with fruit, as well as a jar of hazelnut spread to rival the dairy counterparts, minus the cow tears.
Read more about Vego and find stockists here.

Haribo rainbow strips
Gummy sweets can be tricky to find when you’re avoiding animal products as most gelatine is derived from cows or pigs. Confectionary giant Haribo’s range doesn’t provide many options, but if you like sour sweets their Rainbow Strips are vegan friendly and delicious. If you’re not into sour candy flavours, Haribo Strawbs are an equally satisfying option. Both are widely available, so get stuck in!
For a full list of vegan-friendly Haribo sweets head here.

Alpro plant-based pot desserts
Alpro, the well-known purveyor of soy milk and various other alternative milks and products, do a fabulous range of soy-based puddings that come in little pots and absolutely hit the spot when you need something indulgent. There are chocolate, coconut, caramel, vanilla and (a personal favourite) dark chocolate flavours, and they can even be heated up if you fancy them warm. Alpro desserts are widely available.
Check out the Alpro dessert range here.

McVities Ginger Nuts
Lots of biscuits are a no-no due to dairy content, but McVities have come through with the spicy classic that is the Ginger Nut. You can buy these at any supermarket or corner shop worth its salt, so they’re a definite go-to when you want a sugar kick with your tea or coffee. If you’re not into ginger, McVities original Digestive biscuits are now also vegan.
The full range of McVities biscuits is here. (Be careful to check the labels!)

Chocolate-y biscuits
Sometimes only a chocolate biscuit will do. While there are various vegan alternatives available from both supermarkets and premium brands, they do tend to be fairly expensive (that said, Asda is one of the first supermarkets to commit to making its plant-based lines as affordable as the “mainstream” options!). If what you need is a chocolate biscuit, Bourbons from almost all brands and original Oreos are both free of animal products.

That’s right – the old favourite is still your friend. You can continue cramming handfuls as you absently work your way through your next Netflix series, and your Skittle brew won’t be contaminated with pus (sorry). Skittles are available to buy pretty much anywhere and they’re cheap and cheerful.
Here’s a fun Skittle science experiment if you’re home schooling.
And here’s a recipe for Skittle-flavoured vodka for after.

Jus-Rol pain au chocolat
The Jus-Rol readymade pastry varieties are mostly vegan, including the pain au chocolat, which you whack in the oven for ten minutes or so for 30 seconds of warm, gooey sweetness (assuming you restrain yourself to just one). It’s the perfect indulgent treat for breakfast or a midnight snack. There are endless possibilities with Jus-Rol’s other products too, whether you want to make your own pie with a ready-rolled vegan crust, or you fancy croissants and jam.
Check out the Jus-Rol range here.

Enjoy! (And as an aside, Colgate released a specifically vegan-certified and planet-friendly toothpaste last year.)

Alexandra Fletcher


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