Five ways to rejuvenate your home without redecorating

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Having spent the majority of 2020 cooped up within the same four walls, it’s likely that many of us are slightly sick of that particular shade of “lavender haze” or “magnolia magic”. However, given that a lot of people still stuck indoors unsure of when the shops will reopen, here are some tips for reviving a living space without having to repaint every room.


Breathe life into your home with a little bit of foliage. Having a pot plant in the house isn’t just a substitute garden for flat-dwellers; it’s also a way to boost your mental health and to see gradual, positive growth in the long term. Leafy plants like calithea can bring texture and verdancy to any room (with minimal effort), while flowers may add a splash of vibrant colour – and perhaps a refreshing scent. To make use of your space in inventive ways, try a hanging basket or a climber. Remember to check the specific needs of your plant, but if they do begin to wilt or brown, remember that like humans, plants are not perfect and may need some special attention. Though the nurseries are closed, London-based company Patch Plants deliver nationwide.


While flowers often bloom for a short period, there are also many other ways to inject colour into the room without opening any tins of paint or ripping up the carpet. Source some new soft furnishings, from decorative rugs and blankets to cushions – check out designers online for quirkier patterns. For something even more unique, search for some original artwork (prints and reproductions work great too), or if you are on a particularly tight budget, try your hand at creating something yourself. You don’t have to be a professional artist to test out cool abstract effects: have fun with some acrylic and a squeegee or even have a go at a bit of amateur pottery with the help of subscription services like Sculpd.


There’s no point making your space look beautiful if it’s too dim to see any of your work. Something as simple as switching up your lighting can make a world of difference. Pick out a statement shade such as a paper chandelier or opt for a series of lamps in warm tones to create that cosy feeling. For even more versatile lighting, invest in Phillips Hue, which enables you to change the shade and brightness of each bulb, and is available in strip lighting to jazz up your kitchen cupboards. Exposed bulbs are also becoming more popular as a stylish alternative option, or you can stick to classic hygge by collecting a range of candles – these can be great for atnospheric aromas, too.


We often think about the sights and smells in our homes, but considering the soundtrack to our daily lives is equally important. Music can lift the spirits in the morning, and a good set of speakers can make for an immersive home cinema setup. Those who want a retro listening experience might consider researching the best record players: they are the ideal way to experience albums in their entirety as a music lover, and many bands are releasing limited-edition EPs for that vintage audio quality. In the current climate, it’s the best way to support your favourite musicians.

Rosamund Kelby


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