Eight essential items for a remote offline getaway

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As the UK tourist industry revs into action, ready for its revival on the 4th July, many of us are eagerly booking into cosy cottages and Airbnbs in the far reaches of the British Isles. But if you’re going to camp out in isolated locations, away from the clutches of wifi and Zoom, it might be harder to replenish your supplies. Before you worry about how many pairs of socks to pack, here’s a list of far more essential items.


It’s a cardinal sin not to have enough booze on holiday. Make sure you are stocked up with your favourite tipples, whether it’s a vintage bottle of red that’s been maturing in the cellar or the ingredients for a crisp g&t. And if the latter is your drink of choice, don’t forget the lemons!


The best way to switch off on holiday is by getting lost in the pages of a good book. Leave the Kindle behind and pick up a glossy hardback and some guide books. There’s something inexplicably therapeutic about the feel of real pages, and they can’t run out of battery.

Candles (and matches)

This isn’t normally top on people’s list, but candles are a fantastic way to unwind and get cosy. Some modern rented apartments can be quite minimalistic, so the simple act of lighting a candle can be the difference between clinical chrome and home away from home.


The best accommodation might provide a cafetière, but you can never be too careful. There’s nothing worse than arriving with bags of coffee and no coffee maker. If you’re one of those people whose day doesn’t start until they are caffeinated, this is the first thing you should pack.

Walking shoes

In this current climate, we want to avoid cities and built-up areas as much as possible. But there is just as much joy to be had by exploring the British countryside, from the rugged coastline to the rolling hills. Don’t forget to pack appropriate footwear for your adventures.

Emergency chocolate

As well as looking after your body, you have to look after your mental health, so it’s important to treat yourself. Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, it’s a great energy boost on excursions; and if you’re on a romantic retreat, it’s also the perfect after-dinner indulgence.

A pencil and pad

Never underestimate the power of pencil and paper. Even if you aren’t creative, instead of taking a photo try sketching out the scenery around you or writing notes for a holiday journal. Forget Instagram and Facebook and take a minute to truly appreciate your surroundings.

A jigsaw puzzle

We usually remember to bring DVDs, board games or a trusty pack of cards, but often forget the simple pleasure of a jigsaw. It’s something you can return to all trip, and as opposed to classic games, it’s a social activity so you can put the world to rights as you do it.

Rosamund Kelby


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