Where to find the best online mental health resources during the Covid-19 crisis

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Social distancing and self-isolation have been putting the world under immense psychological pressure and according to a study in April, almost half of the nation have felt more anxious and depressed than usual since lockdown began. Given that this was two months ago and measures are only lifting very gradually, it’s vital that we are able to look after our mental health in the long-term. Here are some charities offering sustainable support which you can access from your computer.


One of the country’s leading mental health charities, Mind, have been toiling away throughout the Covid-19 crisis to provide support and reading materials for those affected by mental health issues. This ranges from some important top tips for working from home, compiled by the Mind team and drawing their own personal experience, to a specialised resources hub for children and young people to address their specific concerns. Whether you are working or studying remotely, retired or seeking employment, it’s worth taking a look.

Rethink Mental Health

Rethink Mental health have also been on the frontline when it comes to challenging mental health stigma, and during this period the charity are continuing to encourage people to open up about their struggles. Their website has some invaluable resources, from a blog about how to manage your mental health to an explanation of changes to the mental health act due to Covid-19 and advice for carers.

Time to Change

Likewise, Time to Change, an initiative established under the umbrella of both Mind and Rethink Mental illness, has been actively campaigning to remind people that they are not alone. Even those who aren’t suffering themselves will likely know someone who is, and it’s just as important to have guidance for anyone who is supporting or concerned about someone during Covid-19. This clear and concise checklist highlights how something as simple as checking in, listening and asking questions could be vital in looking out for those around you.

Red Cross

When you hear Red Cross, you might automatically think of their humanitarian work during conflicts and natural disasters. But this global voluntary network responds to crises of all kinds, and during the current pandemic they are also dispensing psychological first aid. If you are struggling to stay afloat during this period, we recommend enrolling on their Mental Health and Coronavirus online training course, which will teach you how to better cope with the stress and anxieties brought about by the pandemic. They also have a great mindfulness infographic which explores seven different activities that can help fight depression.

The Samaritans

The Samaritans are known for providing round-the-clock support to the vulnerable and lonely, and this service is still available for those who need it. However, in the current climate, more and more people are feeling the strain, and the charity have extensive resources for those who are worried about their mental health at this time, whether they have long-standing issues or are experiencing unfamiliar feelings.

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