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Whether you are a hardcore podcast fanatic or are yet to be converted, it’s hard to deny that now would be the perfect time to stick on your headphones and zone out. Here are five shows that might help you to escape your immediate surroundings, if only for an hour or two.

Harry Potter at Home: Readings

Warner Bros have delighted Potterheads this quarantine by welcoming muggles back into the wizarding world for a special lockdown treat. A whole host of famous faces have been rounded up to record readings of JK Rowling’s beloved books, starting with the first chapter of The Philosopher’s Stone, which was launched by none other than The Boy Who Lived himself, Daniel Radcliff. The coming weeks promise a star-studded lineup of storytellers including Stephen Fry, Eddie Redmayne and even David Beckham. Give into the nostalgia and let yourself back into Hogwarts’ hallowed halls.

Grounded with Louis Theroux

If you fancy something more rooted in the real world, Louis Theroux is making the most of lockdown in London by seeking out some of the high-profile figures who have been on his radar for years. The investigative journalist, known for his award-winning documentaries and his mild-mannered yet disarming manner, has lined up an eclectic cast of characters with whom to share and swap anecdotes, beginning with Jon Ronson, Boy George and Helena Bonham Carter.

Sh**ged Married Annoyed

Never has listening to spouses rant about one another been more therapeutic. At a time when a lot of us are locked in with our loved ones, spending an hour with Chris and Rosie Ramsey as they list their weekly arguments and comment on the trials of relationships and parenting is a refreshing reminder that even – and perhaps especially – our nearest and dearest can drive us up the wall.

Off-Menu Podcast

If you are anything like me and you’ve spent most of your time in lockdown fantasising about food, James Acaster and Ed Gamble are here to help. Tune into Off-Menu and you will be transported to their dream restaurant, where Jame’s genie waiter will be offering a roster of comedians, actors and writers any dish that their heart desires. Hilarity, and inevitably hunger, ensue.

Rude Tales of Magic

If you want something a little different, try delving into the world of dark magic with Patreon’s absurdly funny dungeons and dragons-style podcast, Rude Tales of Magic. This show, a hidden gem for lovers of improv comedy, follows a group of heterogenous heroes as they seek the truth after their university mysteriously disappears from existence. Dungeon master Branson Reese and his fellow actors entertain us with hilarious and uncensored live-action play as they fumble their way through this imaginative adventure.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

For an even cruder experience, join Jamie Morton and his friends as they dissect his dad’s excruciatingly awful erotic novel Belinda Blinked. This show is guaranteed to have you in hysterics – but working from home means no odd looks from commuters on the tube as you inevitably burst into fits of laughter.

No Such Thing as a Fish

Never has learning been so much fun. Join four of the QI elves behind the hit BBC panel show as they share their favourite weird facts and fill your brain with information that may prove useless but will undoubtedly prove entertaining.

Athletico Mince

This is a show that isn’t easy to define: it’s pure bonkers. Shooting Stars‘ Bob Mortimer and TalkSport’s Andy Dawson present a football podcast that doesn’t really have anything to do with football. Instead, it’s a mad and magical medley of made-up stories and songs – essentially a trip into Mortimer’s marvellous mind.

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